Master The Art Of Science With These 6 Tips

We’ll do an in-depth cleaning of the dental chair and the unit after doing that we will flush the hand pieces and the air-water syringes well run the solutions do the evacuation holes and we’ll clean the traps

One right here no no it’s the evil dentist he’s so evil no what in the world stuff huh the toothpaste killed me on these red-hot bars where’s that dentist dead where she oh he’s down in there behind and the filters and maintain the water reservoirs after cleaning the dental treatment room

What we’re going to do we’re going to put the dental chair into the right position for health keeping after the cleaning the dental treatment rooms what we’re going to do is come and turn off the master switches after turning off

the master switches were going to come into the processing lab and we’re going to mount file and process any x-rays that need to be done okay after we file a process and mount any of the x-rays that need to be one we’re going to follow

Panel pair moved out of the way then you want to pinch it up let them, manufacturers, instructions to shut down the automatic processors and then we’re going to turn off the water supply tape to the manual processing takes after turning off the tapes

We are going to wipe the counters but before wiping the counters we will put on eight ility clothes we’ll wipe the counters and then turn off the safety lights next we will come to the sterilization room what we’re going to do is we’re going to sterilize any instruments